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  • I cannot speak highly enough of the style, skill and professionalism with which they conducted matters.

    I am a resident of Scotland and I have owned a house in Bartow, Florida, for the last twenty or so years, but have recently decided to sell it. I placed the sale in the hands of Messrs Boswell & Dunlap of Bartow, and I cannot speak highly enough of the style, skill and professionalism with which they conducted matters. Not being a resident of the United States, it proved to be a complicated and time demanding issue, but they handled everything - my lawyer Donald Wilson and his assistant Darlene Rogers in particular - with pleasantness, and immaculate speed and accuracy.

    Apr 1, 2019
  • "Without their assistance, we would not have made it."

    After the passing of my dad, we were left with quite the amount of pieces to pick up as a family. Don Wilson and Darlene Rogers assisted our family through the estate process and without their assistance, we would not have made it. Their diligent attention to detail, advice, and care they provided, helped my family and I through a very difficult time. We are extremely grateful for their assistance in this difficult process. I can say without a doubt that my family and I recommend their services!

    Feb 8, 2019
  • "We have always had 100% confidence in their ability to cover everything."

    My family and I have consulted with and hired Boswell & Dunlap to handle several personal real estate transactions. We have always had 100% confidence in their ability to cover everything. They have always been willing to explain anything we didn't understand. When I became a real estate professional, I have brought as many transactions to Boswell & Dunlap as I possibly can - I never have to be concerned that my questions will go unanswered, or that anything will be overlooked. I would highly recommend Boswell & Dunlap for any real estate transaction - commercial or residential.

    Feb 6, 2019
  • The entire Boswell & Dunlap staff was always kind and respectful

    Boswell & Dunlap assisted me and my brother after our mother passed away as a result of a car accident last year. Mr. Murphy and Mr. Claytor were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They were thorough with their research and produced results in a timely manner. We were assisted with every aspect of the estate from the initial accident investigation to the communication with the insurance companies. The entire Boswell & Dunlap staff was always kind and respectful. We were treated like they genuinely cared about our well-being. It was a relief to know everything in the estate was being managed so we could recover from such a traumatic event. I would highly recommend Boswell & Dunlap to anyone in a similar situation.

    Feb 11, 2016
  • I cannot recommend them enough.

    I was involved an a near-death experience, a traffic accident that in an instant changed my life. It put me into an air ambulance, onto a dozen operating tables, and through pain I hadn't even imagined could exist. Because of the "bolt out of the blue" I lost my job and my home, all while I laid helpless and immobile in a hospital bed for more than three months. My attorney and friend Seth Claytor of Boswell and Dunlap took my case and became my advocate and champion. The lawyers of the man who hit me attempted to claim I was at fault and that they didn't owe me a thing. Mr. Claytor and John Murphy put together a package of witnesses, expert testimony and supporting evidence that overwhelmed those lawyers. They backed off the fight and gave us everything we demanded. Besides the legal representation, those guys took time to help my more personal needs. The hospital was chronically cold. Seth brought warm clothes. The hospital had only cheap socks. Seth bought me comfortable (and stylish) running shoes. And when I was in some of the worst pain, pain that did not respond to medication, they sat with me, silently demonstrating that I was not alone in this fight to heal, to regain some if the life I once had. While no amount of money could ever make up for the horror and agony I went through over a year of recovery, the funds they squeezed out of the insurance company are going a long way toward rebuilding my life and setting myself up in comfort. Seth Claytor and his colleagues helped me in the most vulnerable time of my life. I cannot recommend them enough.

    Jan 28, 2016

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