Community Association Cases

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Community associations are tasked with setting and enforcing ground rules and restrictions for specific neighborhoods, condominiums, communities, and even entire boroughs. Interacting with so many different people and for so many different reasons is bound to result in a legal questions and conflicts. Will you be ready to make certain the resolution is in your favor?

The attorneys at Boswell & Dunlap LLP help our clients across Florida through all sorts of community association cases and planned development disputes.

We represent clients on both sides of community association cases, such as:

  • HOAs
  • Homeowners
  • Developers
  • Condominiums
  • Cooperatives
  • Unit owners
  • Stakeholders
  • Board members and officers

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Representation for All Community Association Cases

Whether you are a board member of a community association or an owner under the regulations of one, our Florida Community Association Attorneys can help you. They have the talent, dedication, and technical legal knowledge needed to manage almost any case. We pride ourselves on a straightforward approach to cases and disputes that look for an solution that benefits each client.

There are a wide variety of issues that could require the attention of a community association lawyer, such as:

  • Delinquent assessment collection.
  • Enforcing covenants and restrictions.
  • Association compliance with federal and state laws.
  • General counsel for association-homeowner interactions.
  • Responding to unreasonable association demands or requests.
  • Community rules and regulation drafting, review, and revision.

Mishandling a community association case can lead to serious legal issues, especially if a law is violated or your homestead is on the line. Make certain you are ready for anything by counting on Boswell & Dunlap LLP and our Florida community association lawyers.

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