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  • 27-Jul-2017

    5 Immediate Steps to Take After a DUI Arrest

    Being arrested and charged for any criminal offense can cause great disruption in your life. When that charge is for driving under the influence ( DUI ) of drugs or alcohol, there are a number of consequences and penalties that can accompany the ...
  • 17-Apr-2017

    Can You Trust a Public Defender to Handle Your Case?

    Being charged with a criminal offense can make for difficult and frightening times. When there’s a lot on the line, you need to be sure you understand and know how to exercise your legal rights, especially your right to legal representation. No ...
  • 14-Mar-2017

    What To Do if You Have Been Wrongly Accused of Domestic Violence

    Law enforcement and our criminal justice system have completely changed the way they handle matters of domestic violence. Where at one time law enforcement officers would respond to a domestic disturbance call and simply tell the parties to stop, ...
  • 29-Aug-2016

    How a DUI Can Become a Felony in Florida

    The state of Florida takes driving under the influence cases ( DUI ) seriously. In fact, according to the Florida Department of Motorized Vehicle’s records, in 2011, there were 33,625 misdemeanors and felony DUI convictions. Although both can ...
  • 1-Jun-2016

    Charged With a Crime - Should i Plead Guilty?

    Facing criminal charges and penalties can be a stressful experience. Unfortunately, this stress can lead to a lot of mistakes or actions that jeopardize the strength of one’s defense. These types of critical errors often come as confessions ...
  • 11-Mar-2016

    Why Talking to the Police Will Not Help Your Case

    One of the most important rights we have in this country is our Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. This Amendment exists to protect citizens from incriminating themselves when they are questioned by law enforcement officers. Regardless of the ...

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