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Polk County Adopts Subdivision Parking Policy

Polk County Adopts Subdivision Parking Policy

Posted By Robert C. Chilton || 13-Feb-2019

The Polk County Board of County Commissioners have given community associations a new tool to fight parking congestion. Emergency vehicles can have trouble navigating a neighborhood’s narrow streets when residents and guests park on both sides of a road. If those roadways are maintained by the county, homeowners’ associations and cooperatives may be powerless to relieve the congestion. No longer.

This past November, county commissioners approved a new Subdivision Parking Restriction Policy. Communities may now request that Polk County impose and enforce reasonable parking limitations on certain segments of their roadways. The restrictions, for instance, could limit on-street parking to one side of a roadway. If the neighborhood’s proposals are deemed feasible following a county review, the issue will be put to a vote of the affected owners. Polk County will handle the balloting process. If approved, the county commission will then make the final decision.

The Subdivision Parking Restriction Policy was adopted on November 20, 2018.

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