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There is nothing more distressing than discovering that you have entered into the married state under deception or unfavorable circumstances. Fortunately, many individuals can choose to end their marriage through annulment. Unlike a divorce, an annulment renders a marriage null and void in the eyes of the law. If you would like to dissolve your marriage through annulment, we at Boswell & Dunlap LLP can help you file a petition. Aside from Polk County, we proudly extend our services to clients living in Highlands County and Hardee County.

In the state of Florida, a person can file for annulment based on the following:

  • A spouse did not disclose impotency before marrying
  • A spouse entered into marriage under duress
  • A spouse is underage and did not obtain parental consent
  • The union is incestuous or bigamous
  • A spouse was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when married

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