Violent Crime Defense in Polk County

A Proven Polk County Criminal Defense Attorney On Your Side

Violent crimes can be a complex area of law for all of the following, especially in cases where injuries or multiple victims were present:

  • Investigators
  • Defendants
  • Prosecutors
  • Criminal attorneys

Investigators are concerned with figuring out exactly who did what, prosecutors are attempting to file the highest degree of charges possible, and defendants can find themselves being painted as violent criminals in the court of public opinion.

Sometimes the only evidence of a violent crime is witness testimony, and sometimes that testimony is backed by forensic reports. A defendant accused of a violent crime can feel like their life is spinning out of control. But if you are facing charges for any type of violent crime, appointing a Polk County criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible can do wonders for your case. Your attorney can help search for rights violations and inconclusive evidence in your case. Boswell & Dunlap LLP can help you protect your rights and reputation amidst violent crime charges.

Boswell & Dunlap LLP Defends All Types of Violent Crimes

There are many different types of violent crimes. Some are misdemeanors, while others are more serious felony offenses. Both require the immediate attention of a criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling violent crime cases.

Our firm represents defendants facing charges for violent crimes such as:

  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Robbery
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Sexual assault

When you have been charged with a violent crime, contact Boswell & Dunlap LLP for help. We seek to do everything in our power to defend our clients and provide them with a successful outcome. We are passionate about defending the accused men and women who seek our firm’s assistance. We will help you get through this, one step at a time.

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