Domestic Violence Attorney in Polk County

Representation for Accused Individuals in Hardee County & Highlands County

Domestic violence, whether it is physical, sexual or emotional, can be perpetrated against a spouse, partner, family member or other individual in a household. Being accused of domestic violence is a serious matter that merits serious legal representation. If you are facing charges for domestic violence, turn to Boswell & Dunlap LLP for experienced criminal defense. We stand up to protect the rights of our clients in Polk County, Highlands County or Hardee County. Don't allow for a domestic violence accusation to dictate or change the course of the rest of your life.

The penalties for domestic violence can include the following:

  • Imprisonment
  • Community service
  • Restraining orders
  • Criminal record

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Pursuing the Most Favorable Outcome Possible

Since our firm first opened its doors over a century ago, we have developed a reputation for legal excellence. When handling domestic violence cases, we pursue the most favorable outcome possible, such as a charge reduction or dismissal.

With extensive legal experience under our belts, we have handled a wide range of criminal matters and have obtained numerous successful results. As our client, you can rest assured in knowing that your case is in competent and caring hands. We truly care about the men and women we represent.

Protect Your Reputation! Contact Boswell & Dunlap LLP for Help.

A domestic violence accusation can completely destroy your reputation, which could wreak havoc on your relationships and even employment opportunities. We are here to help you protect your reputation by challenging the domestic violence charges being made against you. Our Board-Certified criminal defense lawyer serves clients throughout Bartow, Polk County, and beyond.

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